South East Tutor Care provide excellent and dedicated recruitment services for the care sector. We recruit employees for a wide range of roles within the care sector including child and adult care professionals, health and social care workers, cleaners and other roles. At South East Tutor Care, we understand that getting the right employee for the job is vital to the provision of professional care services. This is why we provide excellent recruitment services which thoroughly vet all applicants to ensure they are fit for the job. Our professional recruiters will ensure that applicants meet all your person specification requirements and are capable of carrying out the job mentally and physically. As most care jobs require a CRB/DBS check, we will also ensure that applicants have a clear CRB/DBS check as well as the right qualifications and experience for the job at hand.

We currently recruit for the following care jobs:

  • Child minders
  • Child care workers
  • Au Pairs
  • Youth Workers
  • Health and Social Care professionals
  • Adult Care professionals
  • Cleaning professionals
  • And other care related job roles.